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For a couple of weeks I have been attending an online lecture about our energy future. During the introduction a diagram was presented, showing us that the more energy a nation consumes the richer it is. Or, the opposite, the less energy it consumes the poorer a nation is. Economic success is much related to... Continue Reading →


Doing Something Meaningful

How does a German university student end up doing an internship in Switzerland that ultimately takes him to North Korea? Dennis, a 22-year-old young engineer at the technical college in Bielefield (Germany) majoring in alternative energy technolog...

Construction Site for a Model Home

Our partners are constructing a model house according to minergie principles. The house will be built on Duru-Island, on the outskirts of Pyongyang, just next to the already finished 2-kW-Windmill. With this house, we can show how to construct ene...

Thank you, this is a big help!”

The facility manager explains how wind energy is saved in batteries. Our wind energy expert, Kaspar Mertens, collected used wind-speed measuring devices, which were given to our partners at the Alternative Energy Center. Mr. Jang studied the items...

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