Electric Power and Heat

The past twenty years of collaboration between Agape international and the Democratic Republic of North Korea can be divided into two parts of ten years. We reported about the first ten years in our last edition of Our heart’s concern. In this edition we will focus on the second 10-year period. In 2005 the North... Continue Reading →

After Finishing

Three months ago we reported about the successful renovation of an old building according to the Minergy standart. The eight-year-old administration building of the vegetable cooperative of Ryokpho has received a new isolation and new windows. This winter the staff can feel the difference. The building can serve as a model for different partners and... Continue Reading →

A Modern House for Rural Locations

I will travel to Pyongyang for a week in September to monitor the building progress of our pilot house and to consult with the experts at the Alternative Energy Center. The initial plans have been further developed over the past few months. The cu...

Construction Site for a Model Home

Our partners are constructing a model house according to minergie principles. The house will be built on Duru-Island, on the outskirts of Pyongyang, just next to the already finished 2-kW-Windmill. With this house, we can show how to construct ene...

Sustainable Building in Korea

High-rises in Pyongyang - perhaps better insulated soon? Werner Hässig‘s company Hässig Sustech GmbH advertises with the slogan „Your Specialists for MINERGIE-Standards and Sustainable Building“. And on his special field of work, he is tra...

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