Kimbab: Korean “Sushi” homemade

Dear Friends of North Korea, does your mouth water when you look at the picture above? What many of us know as "Sushi", is called Kimbab by Koreans: Seaweed is wrapped around rice with a tasty centre. Some eat the rolls like we eat our sandwiches: just bite right off, mhh! Others cut the rolls... Continue Reading →

Bike Rentals improve Pyongyang

Or: "Bike-sharing adds beauty to Pyongyang" – the original Headline in the "Pyongyang Times". They had just shaped our image of large Chinese cities when they flooded Swiss towns – and in the meantime you can also see them in Pyongyang: bike rentals in loud, bright colours! The Pyongyang Times introduced the new bike rental... Continue Reading →

Wanted – You!

Our Korean partners are emphasizing that investment in education and training is needed more than ever in 2019. Besides the request for Training in the medical field we have been asked to support the development of forestry and agriculture in four districts in the North. Reforestation is a large issue that will not be solved... Continue Reading →

Look and Marvel

The changes that have taken place in East Asia within the past few months have been cause for great amazement. The sanctions against North Korea are very strict. Export and Import are practically inexistent. So far, however, visitors to North Korea have hardly taken note of this. The daily lives of North Koreans seem to... Continue Reading →


While the volcano Mount Baekdusan is still buried in snow and the ice on its crater lake is meter deep, the icicles further south have started dripping. It’s thawing and spring is coming! At the moment it seems that this can also be said of political relations. The angular hills on the photo below are... Continue Reading →

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