Jajang Myeon (Korean Noodles with black Bean Sauce)

In Asia long noodles are a symbol of a long life. Noodles with black bean sauce is a favorite meal in Korea. This is a recipe that will bring Korea into your home. They are "sucked into" the mouth not bitten off. Eating noisily is a sign that you are enjoying your food – your... Continue Reading →

200 Years of Stirling Engines

Agape international is supporting the Non-Conventional Energy Development Center in Pyongyang in the development of small Stirling engines for domestic and village use. The Stirling engine is a heat engine that operates with almost any heat source and provides mechanical work. Small engines like these can help alleviate the energy shortage for the population. We... Continue Reading →

Ora et labora

Agape international has been inviting North Korean specialists  Switzerland for further education for many years already. Much more than one hundred persons have been able to see a new world, further their professional and personal experience, and applied what they have learned in their home. When we meet with former interns, we reminisce, send our... Continue Reading →

And you?

Many Swiss ask us how it is possible to visit North Korea; isn’t the country totally closed?! No, it is not! One possibility that is open to everyone is to visit the country as a tourist. In the meantime there are very attractive routes coming from the north besides the trips to Pyongyang. You can... Continue Reading →

Promoting the Good

There is a lot more to discover in Korea besides all the sabre-rattling. I refuse to let my gaze rest only  on the atrocities that the media  is quick to report. I am convinced that I can make an impact, not  only by bemoaning the bad but by strengthening the good. Maybe it has something to do... Continue Reading →

Sharing Memories During 20-Year-Celebration

In April a colourful mix of farmers, experts, sponsors, and deputies of the North Korean Embassy celebrated 20 years of successful collaboration between North Koreans and Swiss in the assembly room of the Reformed Church in Zweisimmen. »Yun was just a good man. We could only communicate with a few words, but we got along... Continue Reading →

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