Not one Broken Jar!

The shipping container with over 60,000 baby food jars arrived safely in North Korea and the contents have been distributed to various daycare facilities, orphanages and a children‘s hospital.


Thanks  to expert packing, all the baby food jars survived the trip – even to the most remote villages.

The situation concerning the availability of sufficient nutrition is always critical just before the harvest. This year, the North Korean government asked us, and various other organizations, to send food aid once again. A call to GAiN Germany, a partner organization, was all it took for us to receive a shipping container filled with jars o f baby food – free of charge! The embassy was very excited, as were we. We even asked that the jars be distributed primarily at our previous cheese making facilities, allowing us to confirm that the distribution went smoothly and reached the intended recipients. Anita Burckhardt and Nathalie Burgherr traveled to North Korea at the beginning of June to be a part of the baby food distribution.   Continue reading Not one Broken Jar!