A Deaf Child finds his Vocation

While browsing the «Korea Today Pictorial»12/20 (www.naenara.com.kp), I not only discovered an article on «our» goat farm in Pyongphungdok, but also an article on the personal development of a young boy whose dream it was to dance.

The boy’s name is Ryu Jin Hyok and he is deaf. Robert Grund, who is every engaged for the deaf in North Korea, says, «I have known Ryu Jin Hyok for over 15 years. When I first met him he did not know sign language because just like other forms of support for deaf children – it was inexistent.

Today things have changed: The work for and among the deaf is quickly developing. There are special kindergartens, the number of trained sign language interpreters is growing and Jin Hyok is a master dancer in the dance ensemble of the arts association!»

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