No tourist trips, no trips for experts, no training trips for doctors … the list is long. It is painful to experience the Corona-related restrictions in our work.

Small but nice

This describes our involvement in North Korea: In the last couple of months, your donations have made it possible for us to purchase and test a secondhand duodenoscope for Dr. Kim, enable a well drilling, pass on encouragement  and comfort to other committed workers, and organize and lead several networking meetings.

We have also been in contact with our Korean partners in Switzerland and Korea.  We all sense that it will take a while longer until our life and work will be “totally normal” again. We are hopeful for several possibilities but know that we will not be realizing large and costly project ideas in the next few months. 

Thank you for the many donations in the last few years, dear readers! Thanks to your financial support we were able to achieve amazing things and even respond to requests for help at short notice.

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