Travelling in the “Land of Morning Calm”

“Anyong ha shimnika! Welcome to Pyongyang! ” Two young women warmly welcome our travel group. In the following days they will be much more than merely companions on our tour. We will become a family.

The Juche ideology that has practically become a kind of religion and other political topics are never an issue. We are never asked to bow down to the statues. We discuss life in Switzerland and North Korea and the differences between these two cultures. In my opinion, this is much more interesting. We laugh a lot: the two North Koreans now have a little brother and two Little sisters, as well as Swiss grandparents. This is what Koreans call good friends of the Family.

Moran-Park in Pyongyang on 1 May is overcrowded with groups
of people that are dancing, laughing, celebrating and grilling some lamb meat, duck and octopus under some shady trees.

The days go by much too quickly and the farewell from our dear tour guides is not easy for us. They will always have a special place in our hearts. We look back on two weeks of new impressions, many interesting encounters with the people and with a completely new picture of the “Land of Morning Calm”.

We all agree that a visit is worth it and everyone would like to come back some day, despite the unusual breakfast of soup and salty-spicy side dishes, eating with chop sticks and the sometimes very hard beds.

(Photographer of the above featured Image: Daniel E.)

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