Using a Tram – it is possible in Northkorea

Every time I travel to Korea I discover new things. This time we passed a brand new tram. In Pyongyang too, the growing amount of traffic must be accommodated. The trolley bus fleets were the first to be modernised and the trams seem to be next in line.

I am pleased about the investment in public transportation. I remember the late nineties when it took local collaborators two hours to get to work by foot!

Our partnership with North Korea in the area of alternative energy is a global issue. The development of traffic systems in Asia will have effects that reach all the way to Europe: sooner or later polluted air or climate changes will arrive here …

Symbolically, this is also true for relationships: Our long-term commitment has effects – reaching all the way to Switzerland. We are often amazed when North Koreans as well as Swiss people experience the value of leaving behind their preconceived ideas and prejudices and get involved with each other. Thank you for helping shape the way Koreans see the world!

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