Even Numbers tell a Story

Between August and October of 2017 UNICEF and the statistical office of the DPRK conducted a survey on living conditions with thousands of North Koreans from different parts of the country. The published result is a multipage report with countless numbers. These dry numbers give us interesting insights into the changing life situation in North Korea.

The questionnaire was distributed in all provinces to over 6000 children, over 4000 men, and almost 9000 women. This should ensure a good foundation to improve the living conditions especially of women and children in the future. It is the second survey of this magnitude by UNICEF in North Korea and the data was collected confidentially. Here are some numbers that we found interesting.

Average size of household: 3–4 persons. 61 % of the population live in cities, 39 % of the population in the Country. 100 % of the questioned could read

Births: There are no mothers under the age of 18. 70 % of married women use contraception; most of them use a contraceptive coil. In the last two years almost 100 % of the births have been assisted by medically trained personnel and have taken place in a health care centre (hospital or other). 12.9 % of the births were caesarean sections. Almost 100 % of the mothers nurse their children – almost a third nurse their children until they are 2 years old – at least twice a day. Over 97 % of the children have the internationally required vaccinations (BCG, Polio, Hib3, DPT3, HepB3, Mumps).

Frightening: During the months of the survey almost all children seem to have suffered from diarrhea; 85 % of the under 5-year-olds had seen a doctor in the two weeks before the survey for this reason. One third of the children are still slightly to heavily underweight! 3.2 % of the children between 0 and 17 have lost one or both parents due to death. 99.8 % of all children attend school (12 mandatory years of school). 98% of the questioned have easy access to water, but 23 % (in the country), respectively 37 % (in the city) have to boil or fi lter water before use.

We knew some of this information but some of it surprised us – how about you?

The entire Report you can read it here.

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