Bike Rentals improve Pyongyang

Or: “Bike-sharing adds beauty to Pyongyang” – the original Headline in the “Pyongyang Times”. They had just shaped our image of large Chinese cities when they flooded Swiss towns – and in the meantime you can also see them in Pyongyang: bike rentals in loud, bright colours!

The Pyongyang Times introduced the new bike rental system in detail. While the Swiss were annoyed (the bikes broke easily, were standing around everywhere, and filling up the rare bike parking areas …) the North Korean reporter has a totally different opinion!

He sees them as a welcome spot of colour in the grey city. We wonder if he has used one already. “People riding brightly coloured bikes along Kwangbok Street present an unusual scene in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang. Customers need to buy cards to hire bikes at any of the stations. They can pass the cards through card readers at any stations, Input passwords to unlock the bikes and use them. They pay fees when they return them to any of the stations.”

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