Wanted – You!

Our Korean partners are emphasizing that investment in education and training is needed more than ever in 2019. Besides the request for Training in the medical field we have been asked to support the development of forestry and agriculture in four districts in the North.

Reforestation is a large issue that will not be solved merely with the planting of saplings. Since the issue of reforestation is already on the table, we feel strongly that the cooperating village communities should have an economic return after three to five years and also that the Environment should be protected from erosion and flooding.

Contact us, if you have experience in this area and would like to work on-site for long or short term!

We are in the process of clarifying what is possible and ask you to use this open door. We sense much confidence and appreciation that stem from over 20 years of collaboration. We never know how soon the country will open or change but we want to be ready to act quickly and proactively.

Sloping Land Management

Thank you for your support in this matter!

Give us your feedback!

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