Look and Marvel

The changes that have taken place in East Asia within the past few months have been cause for great amazement. The sanctions against North Korea are very strict. Export and Import are practically inexistent.

So far, however, visitors to North Korea have hardly taken note of this. The daily lives of North Koreans seem to be unaffected by this fact. How Long will the reserves last? Some think that the strict sanctions have contributed to North Korea now being ready to negotiate. We don’t really know.

What we do know is this: Very many people have been praying for this for a long time. If and how a solution will be found is not clear – it is already very promising that all parties are talking to each other!

Processes have begun on various levels, even among the Christians in South Korea who have begun working towards unity and reconciliation. They were formerly very distanced from each other and have recently begun realising how they have treated the Koreans from the North. (Some North Koreans have not been welcomed in churches and few were interested in getting to know the brothers and sisters from the North. Now, this is beginning to change.)

Despite all positive signs, the Task is far from over and we hope that there is enough time – and God’s grace – for the hearts of the People as well as whole nations to once again be turned towards each other. See also our Post “My Brothers and Sisters in the North”!

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