If the Present outdates the Past

”By the time you read these words, it is possible that the situation in North Korea has totally changed and my words are no longer relevant” – these are my thoughts as I start writing our North Korea newsletter. It takes several days to get from the actual writing to the mailing, as the letter has to be printed and stuffed into envelopes by many industrious hands from the foundation Wendepunkt (Turning Point).

You should not be surprised, therefore, if you receive a seemingly outdated letter from us because, for example, the border between North and South Korea has been open for days!

Just rejoice and be glad because it is so astonishing! And if your heart is not filled with joy but rather sorrow and pain, I pray that we will keep “in step” with God in all that he does.

Until then, you can help support the visiting doctor’s training and our next trip to Mr. Jang!

Fundraising North Korea

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