High-Performace Aerogenerators produced

We discovered an article published by Pak Un Jong in the North Korean publication «Korea Today» on a factory that is successfully producing small aerogenerators:


Korea is accelerating their work to increase the power production using wind force, tidal power, organic substances, and solar energy and make the most of natural energy.

The Phyongsong Automatic Appliances Factory, situated in Phyongsong City, South Phyongan Province, is achieving a remarkable success in the production of aerogenerators. The factory is not so big, but it is producing solid and light aerogenerators of various capacities at low production costs, drawing the public attention.

Hong Jong Gun, officer in charge of the equipment, says, «Our small aerogenerators work even at the wind speed of two meters per second. And they are not only of high efficiency and easy to handle but have a long life. As they can be installed anywhere to supply power, they are very popular with the users.» (…)

We are really pleased that the idea of small wind turbines is finally gaining acceptance in the country after we have given a lot of input in this subject.

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