Sign Language in North Korea

“In Korea hearing parents are ashamed of their deaf children because they do not fit into the majority of society. Deaf children are often hidden away, because their parents often do not know that there are special schools for the deaf. The situation for the deaf is very difficult. Some have a job, but most have never attended school and have no employment. I am excited about the success of several projects since the foundation of the Association of the Deaf. The best example is the Deaf Wood Workshop, built by the deaf themselves and on their own. They do everything independently. Among other things, this small firm builds and sells folding chairs. The sign language booklets are a big help during class in the newly opened kindergarten. Meanwhile fie books have been published with translations of terms into sign language. The authors themselves are deaf and their names are printed on the back cover of the issues. ‘They were so very proud. That really boosted their self-esteem.'”


A page from one of the sign language booklets: The Korean sound: «yu » (the character on the right) is demonstrated by the brown bear on the left. This sound is found in the word «yuziwon », i.e. kindergarten. The three raccoons stand for the syllables of kindergarten.


Deaf young people from a school that supports their need
Kids from the deaf mute school

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