200 Years of Stirling Engines

Agape international is supporting the Non-Conventional Energy Development Center in Pyongyang in the development of small Stirling engines for domestic and village use. The Stirling engine is a heat engine that operates with almost any heat source and provides mechanical work. Small engines like these can help alleviate the energy shortage for the population. We... Continue Reading →

Ora et labora

Agape international has been inviting North Korean specialists  Switzerland for further education for many years already. Much more than one hundred persons have been able to see a new world, further their professional and personal experience, and applied what they have learned in their home. When we meet with former interns, we reminisce, send our... Continue Reading →

And you?

Many Swiss ask us how it is possible to visit North Korea; isn’t the country totally closed?! No, it is not! One possibility that is open to everyone is to visit the country as a tourist. In the meantime there are very attractive routes coming from the north besides the trips to Pyongyang. You can... Continue Reading →

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