Promoting the Good

There is a lot more to discover in Korea besides all the sabre-rattling. I refuse to let my gaze rest only  on the atrocities that the media  is quick to report. I am convinced that I can make an impact, not  only by bemoaning the bad but by strengthening the good.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am a mother. In raising my three daughters I have learned that praise
has a much greater impact than all my scolding. Of course, I need to address  misconduct. I reprimand – and support, praise and commend the things my children do well.

This is how we see our involvement in North Korea: We promote projects that will benefi many. My example of parenting my children cannot be applied one to one to our involvement in North Korea,
as our role is not one of parents, and the people of Korea are not children needing  to be parented. Together with our Korean partners we desire to strengthen their initiative by promoting the good and encouraging the hopeful.

We are continually learning in the process!

Give us your feedback!

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