Intranet for deaf children

gehörlose junge frau_49-1000We have been encouraging and supporting the friends of the foundation “together Hamhung” for some time. They work among the blind and deaf people in the north of Korea. Thanks to your support, dear donors, we were able to finance the printing of the first sign-language book for parents and their deaf children.

The next project that we want to promote is a very special kindergarten.
There is not yet much practical assistance for deaf children. It seems that they manage to muddle along somehow during mandatory schooling. That should not be! The deaf in North Korea want to realize what is so completely normal here in Switzerland: early support for children of kindergarten age. We invite you to help us establish the very first kindergarten for deaf children in North Korea!

In order for the deaf people of all provinces of North Korea to communicate with each other, they would like to connect to the intranet of the country. Access to international Internet is not yet possible but North Korea has a intranet that is open to many institutions. Through it they can access all schoolbooks from grades 1 – 12. Eight schools for the deaf, as well as the Institute for Deaf People in Pyongyang are applying for Internet access, which will be very important for the joint work on the Korean sign language.

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