Dear readers,

I am reading about the 20-year history of the North Korea Project, as we want to celebrate the cooperation between Agape international and North Korea this year in April and August with a thanksgiving and remembrance celebration.

While reading about the past of this project I am amazed at how many people have invested themselves into the population of North Korea in the past 20 years; either as domain experts in the country itself or here in Switzerland as supporters and supervisors for interns and in transferring knowledge. We are also very grateful for all of your large and small donations that make this involvement possible in the first place.

This year we invite you to take a deeper look at the various projects, especially the production of the first sign language booklet, the support of the specialized internship in forage production and dairy farming, and the projects of the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation). Especially since we are not able to live in North Korea ourselves at the moment, the people who can and are able to share some of their life with the population are precious to us.

We are pleased that you will again travel this journey with us this year.

Back Office North Korea

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