Harvesting in Autumn

September and October are the months of harvest in Korea. As to the weather they are the golden months as it is often clear and warm before growing colder.

First the shiny green rice fields in summer are growing brownish, then the maize fields turn golden yellow, later on the green of the woods is vanishing. Especially up north one can see the whole colour range from green through yellow to red. Everywhere people are working hard. In the rice fields the water is drained off so that the soil can dry. Then the whole village is gathering, everyone with a sickle in order to cut off the ripe rice branches by bunches. Then they are bound in sheaves and let upright for a few days so that the corn might ripen completely. According to the corporation the threshing machine is driven to the fields or the sheaves are loaded on a trailer as high as possible and towed away by oxen or tractors to the farm.

The maize harvest, too is mostly manual work. First the golden cobs are harvested, put into a shoulder cloth and, when full, emptied into the ox cart. Also the maize is dried often on the roof of the farm or in the threshing square. Under the roof along the facade a bunch of red peppers is hung, another ingredient for the basic food kimchi.

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