All Ears!

When a deaf or a hard of hearing child is born in a family parents need more information and help for years. Some decades ago the deaf in Switzerland were not allowed by law to communicate in sign language. Today this is quite unthinkable. Research has proved that a bilingual education with the sign language... Continue Reading →


Dear readers, A meal without kimchi is almost impossible in North Korea. A family needs up to 100 kg of Chinese cabbage per person so that the stock lasts until spring time. The cabbage is harvested in autumn before the first frost – by the beginning of November there is the main season. In the... Continue Reading →

Harvesting in Autumn

September and October are the months of harvest in Korea. As to the weather they are the golden months as it is often clear and warm before growing colder. First the shiny green rice fields in summer are growing brownish, then the maize fields turn golden yellow, later on the green of the woods is... Continue Reading →

Becoming Fond of the North Koreans

Two Swiss People were on the September 2014 North Korean trip and are telling about their impressions. When we started for the trip to North Korea, we were looking forward but were somehow anxious thinking about what was awaiting us. In July before we gathered to an information meeting with our guide Daniel. We learnt... Continue Reading →

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