It’s all over Town

Some projects last longer than planned, but the result is more beautiful:

The farm house built according to minergy principles has been finished.

At the end of June we could inaugurate the new building of the Ryokpho vegetable cooperative: “Firstly our project partners showed us the different stages of construction during winter time with some photos. It is always thrilling to look through the camera the Korean way. There are always snapshots making us smile. During a brake we bought some deliciousness in a Pyongyang grocer‘s shop (apples, pastries, meat, beer, etc.) in order to contribute to the inauguration festivity. After a half-hour car drive to the farmers‘ village the solemnisation took place. We were told all the details – the pride for the finished work was obvious. In the living room of the farm tomato slices were arranged with care, the schnapps glasses were filled. It was beautiful to clink glasses for this success.

In our latest edition we reported about the successful renovation of an old building owned by the same cooperative. The administration building got a new insulation and new windows. During last winter the staff could feel the difference. They have reported that the stocked seed potatoes could no longer freeze. Also the attached greenhouse was working well. They had cultivated cabbage, salad, and garlic in it.

These buildings shall be models for different partners for introducing new building standards. We hope that the Non-conventional Energy Development Center (NCEDC) will be successful in helping to realise many other projects of this kind.”

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