This is a first building that has insulation added on the walls and the roof to save energy.

It’s all over Town

Some projects last longer than planned, but the result is more beautiful:The farm house built according to minergy principles has been finished.At the end of June we could inaugurate the new building of the Ryokpho vegetable cooperative: “Firstly our project partners showed us the different stages of construction during winter time with some photos. It... Continue Reading →

Protein requirement

Upcoming autumn a group of North Korean specialists will visit Switzerland for an advanced training for cultivating, harvesting und storing fodder. What Agape International started many years ago has been promoting now by the government in a new region: Land reclamation of scarcely used territories. Grass has been sown in a big area in the... Continue Reading →


Another part of the project has been finished: Minergy farm, greenhouse, and renovation of an old building. What‘s next? Besides the wind engines, solar cells and collectors known everywhere, there are some more ‚engineering marvels.‘ One of them is the Stirling engine. Basically, the difference of two temperatures drives a little engine with generator. It... Continue Reading →

Dear Readers,

For a couple of weeks I have been attending an online lecture about our energy future. During the introduction a diagram was presented, showing us that the more energy a nation consumes the richer it is. Or, the opposite, the less energy it consumes the poorer a nation is. Economic success is much related to... Continue Reading →

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