Discover North Korea

A small country often mentioned by the mass communication. However, we do not know much about it – the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – or North Korea. An extraordinary trip in September 2014 will enable you to experience the northern part of the Korean peninsula yourself.

This trip will not answer all your questions about Korea. However, you will have the occasion to know more about the country and its inhabitants. We will not just be travelling through the country as tourists, but we want to know more about the history of the country and the present situation by contacting people, showing us challenging and precious situations, leading us to a better understanding of the Koreans, what we cannot always learn by reading about or by looking at photos.

The programme:

• Entry by Air Koryo from China Exit by train

• Different points of interest and museums in and around the capital of Pyongyang

• Panmunjom and the demilitarized zone between both Koreas (DMZ)

• Kaesong – the ancient capital of the country

• Visit of the east coast and the Diamond Mountains

• Visit of the film festival taking place every second year

• Visit of an agricultural cooperative among the projects guided by the tour guide

September is said to be one of the best months for touring the country. It is the month of harvesting on the fields and in the gardens. After the exit one can spend another few days in the Northeast of China.

Trip Term:
September 19 to 26, 2014 (arrival in/departure from Korea). The trip begins in Peking and ends there, too. From Switzerland it takes us at least 10 days for the whole trip.

About 2250 Swiss francs. All included in Korea, flight from Switzerland to Peking and return flight excluded.

Tour Guide and Organisation:
Daniel Gerster, agricultural advisor
Daniel Gerster has been living and working in the country since 2001, with a few interruptions. Therefore he knows the country and the traditions of its inhabitants better than most of the westerners.

Further Information and Enrolment:, +41 (0)79 813 38 50.

Enrolment is possible until July 20, 2014 by the latest.

For further information and to make the acquaintance of each other a meeting takes place before the trip. The date and the place are not yet known.Hintergrund 2_2-1000

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