Cheese Dairies Are Booming

Until 2006 we were especially contributing to the goat breeding and the dairy production. After having finished this project we had many good news from the places of our ancient projects. The contact in the Embassy of North Korea has told us about the encouraging development of the cheese dairies: »As much as I know... Continue Reading →

After Finishing

Three months ago we reported about the successful renovation of an old building according to the Minergy standart. The eight-year-old administration building of the vegetable cooperative of Ryokpho has received a new isolation and new windows. This winter the staff can feel the difference. The building can serve as a model for different partners and... Continue Reading →

Planting Trees in North Korea

The tourism agency Krahun Tours offers two special opportunities to travel to North Korea – one each in March and April 2014. Every spring the people throughout the whole country will plant young trees and this year you can be part of that. Join us for 6 days of working and 5 days of sightseeing... Continue Reading →

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