Reference Book Just Printed

With enthusiasm we are holding in our hands a copy of the new reference book just printed.

For five years Agape international has been teaching know-how about energy saving constructions in North Korea. More than 100 local experts were introduced in this subject, among them architects, planners, heating and material specialists as well as members of the building control. The acquired knowledge of two workshops lead by Werner Hässig, master of architecture (Sustech GmbH), the knowledge from two study trips, one to China and one to Europe, and much information from further sources are the result of the first North Korean reference book published in mid-October 2013 by the Pyongyang Alternative Energy Centre. Mr Jang, our project manager, is one of the three authors. We are filled with enthusiasm for the interdisciplinary and interorganisational collaboration.

This publication will be registered in the E-Library System during the weeks to come. As a printed reference book of 140 pages it will be distributed to the most important specialised organisations and the leaders of North Korea. We are happy to contribute to the diffusion of new knowledge to people in North Korea.

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