Being no Longer Cold

There are two-storey prefabricated buildings in almost every political community of North Korea. Most of them are administration offices of the community, moreover day-care centres. In winter these houses are very cold as they are not isolated. Ideal buildings for applying the minergy technics as a pilot project! An appropriate renovation with local materials practically shows the difference it makes:

The eight-year-old administrative building in the cooperative vegetable farm of Ryokpho got a new wrapping in October. After intense planning with the two planning offices Päktusan Architecture Academy and Ryugyung Design Institute (RDI) the centre for alternative energy from Pyongyang started the renovation works together with workers of the cooperative farm.

The Päktusan Academy brought good theoretical documentations, proposals and the detailed descriptions of all the working stages for isolating the walls, the design for the block-outs for windows, etc. were furnished by the RDI thus helping the building site workers in their practical job. The workers were coating all the walls with 50-mm Sagex (polystyrene) boards. They were constructing a new roof and isolated the top ceiling which they had reinforced by a 10-cm mixture of cement and ashes before mounting the wooden roof structure. The roof is covered with metal boards. Now everything is in new brilliance and waterproof again.

All the windows were replaced. For the north side well-priced sliding windows were chosen, which can be used for ventilation in summer and be sealed up for winter time in order to improve isolation and airtightness. This system is a pragmatic minergy solution for the stair case and the corridor, as well as a compromise to local possibilities, costs, energy saving and comforts.

For the south side a local window manufacturer furnished wooden double glazing and threefold plastic windows in order to check and compare the latest technology (according to German window standards).

The outdoor job is finished so that the indoor job in the protected building can start. For the water heating two solar heat modules from the new Pyongyang solar heat factory are planned.

Unfortunately we are not yet able to print photos of the building – however, we are very happy about this well realised project.

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