Being no Longer Cold

There are two-storey prefabricated buildings in almost every political community of North Korea. Most of them are administration offices of the community, moreover day-care centres. In winter these houses are very cold as they are not isolated. Ideal buildings for applying the minergy technics as a pilot project! An appropriate renovation with local materials practically... Continue Reading →

Reference Book Just Printed

With enthusiasm we are holding in our hands a copy of the new reference book just printed. For five years Agape international has been teaching know-how about energy saving constructions in North Korea. More than 100 local experts were introduced in this subject, among them architects, planners, heating and material specialists as well as members... Continue Reading →

Winter Time in North Korea

People living in the midlands of Switzerland are suffering sometimes from the numerous foggy days in winter. If only the sun would shine again! North Korea is quite different: The sun is shining there during many days, from the early morning to sunset. The sky is deep blue. The more one goes north the more... Continue Reading →

What you can do

That is how you can help us support people in North Korea: Help us finance e.g. ... Hot water collectors for the first orphanage in Hamhung. A solar collector produced in the country costs about 700 SFr. We are discussing the first offer and the primary project with a North Korean firm. The machinery of... Continue Reading →

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