The Glass: half empty or half full?

GAIN & Agape Baby Food Nov 12 BPD-420

Dear Reader,

Do I consider the glass to be half empty or half full? Can I rejoice at the success or am I angry about everything that went wrong? In and with North Korea the challenge not to tip over to the negative side is even greater than usual. So much in this country is different, strange, incomprehensible – and leaves you with a first impression. Sometimes, this impression is then taken, printed as a fact and used to shape the image of Korea, as experienced in the case of journalists that travel here for one week.

My friend and long-term colleague, Daniel, took stock after many years in Korea and observed that the glass is half full in many places, that change is happening, that the country is moving forward. In order to see this you need time, patience and perseverance, as well as the gift to relate to people without prejudices.

We hope to inspire you to continually adapt and change how you see the people of Korea, to see the people through God’s eyes. God is good in seeing the good sides, the heart. He does not let other things get in the way of showing his love.

This God inspires me time and again to change my perspective.

Project Director Northkorea

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