Orphanages: Relief items have arrived!

Both containers with relief items arrived at the port of Nampo on schedule. Thousands of glasses of baby food have been delivered to the distributing locations. Raphael (our Partner from Global Aid Network GAiN) and Dennis (Agape international) visited North Korea.

Because the relief items did not all fit on the trucks the food products were transported by truck, the summer shoes and the hot water collector by train. As the hot water collector was not yet at its destination, Dennis could not install and present it as planned. But besides this disappointment there are many pleasant things to report!

Dennis: „We spent a whole morning at the orphanage for 5 to 6-year-olds. It was wonderful! The director was very friendly and we were allowed to observe and play with the children. The 5-year-olds mainly practice singing and dancing in their lessons. The 6-year-olds spell, paint and do sports. We would like very much to take a group of people along when we visit next time to spend some time and do activities with the children.”

Dennis was able to settle questions concerning the construction of a water heating system for an orphanage. In Pyongyang there is a first local provider for solar collectors. His offer is interesting. We are planning!

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