The Glass: half empty or half full?

Dear Reader, Do I consider the glass to be half empty or half full? Can I rejoice at the success or am I angry about everything that went wrong? In and with North Korea the challenge not to tip over to the negative side is even greater than usual. So much in this country is... Continue Reading →

Orphanages: Relief items have arrived!

Both containers with relief items arrived at the port of Nampo on schedule. Thousands of glasses of baby food have been delivered to the distributing locations. Raphael (our Partner from Global Aid Network GAiN) and Dennis (Agape international) visited North Korea. Because the relief items did not all fit on the trucks the food products... Continue Reading →

The Land of the Morning Calm

Do we really know Korea? Daniel first travelled to North Korea with Agape international in 2001. Since then he has lived and worked in this country for the majority of the time, most recently as the director of a fruit tree project of the German Agro Action. We have asked Daniel to write about his... Continue Reading →

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