Minergie: Renovation for Low-Energy Consumption Begins

Dear Reader, After three years of training seminars and study trips and the exchange of much knowledge and information, our North Korean partners are ready to implement what they have learned about energy efficient building. A greenhouse, renovations of an existing building and a new structure are three concrete steps forward. These projects establish practical... Continue Reading →

Alternative Energy Project Taking Shape

Everything old is new again: This older building is being renovated and better insulated. A new greenhouse with a closed energy and nutrient cycle will be erected next to the existing building. Stefan Burckhardt visited our partners in Pyongyang in June, and he took a special trip outside the capital city: Mr. Jang, project leader... Continue Reading →


After the expert discussions have concluded, there is always time for a delicious meal, a bit of tourism and usually attendance at a church service. On this visit to Pyongyang, we took time to visit the newly built “Folk Park” on the northeastern outskirts of the city. This place is a mixture between an open-air... Continue Reading →

Relief Aid for Children

We expect another two containers with aid to arrive in July. One container contains a warm water collector in addition to thousands of jars of baby food from the Sunval corporation. The solar collector, a demonstration model, was acquired very reasonably. We look forward to installing it in one of the two orphanages in Hamhung,... Continue Reading →

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