Touching Children‘s Hearts

Two containers filled with baby food reached North Korea in October. 
We received another shipment of thousands of jars of baby food from the Sunval Company through our partners Global Aid Network (GAiN). In addition to the baby food, we also shipped detergent, soap, sugar and cooking oil, which we had received from a variety of donors. All of this aid has now been distributed to various locations.


I was able to visit these locations at the beginning of November together with a friend of mine. On the one hand, our presence ensured that the deliveries arrived at the right locations, and we were also able to interact with the directors of the different facilities to learn more about their specific needs and explain the aid items as necessary. Although these visits are quite short, we are always welcomed very warmly: an unexpected embrace, a handshake that lasts just a bit longer than necessary – these moments of physical contact say more than words could express.
A wish that the orphanage directors in Hamhung had expressed repeatedly was the need for warm water production. Can you imagine that just a few months ago the orphanage did not even have running water year-around? Another humanitarian organization helped solve that problem, and now water from a well flows through frost-proof pipes.
Currently, warm water for personal hygiene is heated with electricity; however, this is only possible until November. As the winter gets colder, there is less and less electricity available. What reads like a simple supply and demand equation actually means that after November, the nearly 200 babies and toddlers in the orphanage cannot be properly bathed, only with ice cold water when absolutely necessary. When I imagine how my children would have reacted to being washed with freezing water at that age, my heart aches. I have wanted to solve this problem for quite a while.


Would you help me improve this situation? We hope to send a team to Hamhung next summer for a short-term project to install new warm water collection tanks, to install the necessary water lines and to make everything as frost-resistant as possible. If you are interested in learning more about this project opportunity, please contact us! Perhaps you have expertise in this area and are intrigued by the idea of spending your holiday on a humanitarian project? Maybe you are interested in donating resources to make this work possible? We look forward to hearing from you!

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