Touching Children‘s Hearts

Two containers filled with baby food reached North Korea in October. 
We received another shipment of thousands of jars of baby food from the Sunval Company through our partners Global Aid Network (GAiN). In addition to the baby food, we also shipped detergent, soap, sugar and cooking oil, which we had received from a variety of donors. All of this aid has now been distributed to various locations.


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Doing Something Meaningful

How does a German university student end up doing an internship in Switzerland that ultimately takes him to North Korea?
Dennis, a 22-year-old young engineer at the technical college in Bielefield (Germany) majoring in alternative energy technologies, needed to do an internship as part of his graduation requirements and found Agape international during his search. „I wanted to do something meaningful as well as spend as much of the 3-month internship abroad. Just earning some money was not enough motivation for me.“
What did your parents say when you traveled to North Korea shortly after beginning your internship?
„My mother was initially skeptical because she didn‘t want to support the North Korean regime. But when she heard more about what we would be doing there, she supported my plan. It‘s good to know that your parents support your decisions!“


What were the highlights of your trip to North Korea and in the overall project?
„I found the internship to be very educational. The highlight was certainly the trip to Asia. The warm, friendly way of the Korean people is wonderful and an example we could also follow. Our local partners met us at the airport dressed in their best suits and took us out to eat immediately. They were clearly happy to see us.“

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Training Successfully Completed


Our six fruit growing experts have packed their suitcases and returned home after a successful 5-month training program. The trainees learned about the cultivation and processing of berries and fruit. Now they will take the newly acquired expertise back to their collective farms in North Korea and „bear fruit“ locally by passing on what they have learned. Life in a completely different setting was challenging, but the majority of the trainees overcame this obstacle. „We return home with a smile and with heavy hearts,“ shared one participant. We are glad for everything they take with them!

Concrete Help

There are many ways in which you can support the work in North Korea.
Make a donation for the following:

  • warm water collectors for the orphanages and the children‘s hospital in Hamhung
  • A solar-heated greenhouse, a biogas plant, or an energy efficient model house built on Duru Island
  • The next aid shipment for North Korea


Our goal is to provide sustainable help that will empower local citizens and show the citizens of North Korea God‘s love.
The unreliable energy supply is a huge problem.  We want to help the people of North Korea in this area. We promote projects that use alternative energy sources or focus on saving energy.
Thank you for your donations, which help provide the rural population of North Korea with electricity and improve their lives.
We greatly appreciate your partnership!