A Modern House for Rural Locations

I will travel to Pyongyang for a week in September to monitor the building progress of our pilot house and to consult with the experts at the Alternative Energy Center.

The initial plans have been further developed over the past few months. The current concept is for a two-story building with a biogas plant on the ground floor – to process both animal and human waste as well as other organic waste material from the proposed greenhouse – which will provide both heating and electric power. The upper floor will include a classroom, kitchen, bathroom, technical workshop and the building‘s integrated electronic control center. We want to build an energy-efficient model duplex home in a traditional style for future use in rural areas. This model home and training center will be used to demonstrate ideas and building techniques in a practical way as well as to gain experience in using energy-efficient building techniques.


I am looking forward to seeing how far along the project actually is. Until now there have been many delays because of difficulties to get the necessary permits to build in an agricultural zone. This is a real challenge since every cubic meter of land in North Korea is designated as a potential crop rotation sector and, therefore, under special zoning protection.

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