Training Future Fruit Growers

Just like last year, we again welcomed six North Korean fruit growers for a 5-month internship with families on fruit farms in Eastern Switzerland.
The interns learn about cultivating berries and fruit on farms with large orchards. The goal of this instruction is to transfer the knowledge back to the collective farms in North Korea in order to produce local „fruit“.


Language and cultural barriers make supervising and supporting these North Korean guests a challenging but always satisfying experience. We look forward to welcoming our guests each year! The North Koreans are typically happy, hard-working, attentive, show real interest and are, therefore, most appreciated workers on any farm. Till now, there are no major health problems or interpersonal conflicts to make living or working together  difficult. In fact, we only hear positive feedback about them from our host families.

We are also finally seeing the fruit of many years of continued labor as this year‘s interns arrived with a good foundation of basic understanding taught to them by interns from the previous group. This made it easier for us to cover more material and provide more in-depth instruction this year.

In August and additional eight interns joined our group for a special 10-day course, sponsored by the World Hunger Help Organization and coordinated by Daniel Gerster. These two groups traveled together during this time, visiting various fruit farms and processing facilities across Switzerland. In addition to taking part in special classes, the group also enjoyed exploring Switzerland like other tourists. A highlight was the visit to the Grand Dixence dam with a view to the snow-capped mountains or the expansive panorama of Lake Geneva.

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