Two Containers Have Arrived


Nourishing Food for the Children’s Hospital in Hamhung.

Two more containers of baby food arrived in North Korea in early summer.
Once again we received thousands of jars of baby food donated by the Sunval Company and transported by the Global Aid Network (GAiN).
The shipment arrived in North Korea at the beginning of July and has already been distributed to various locations under the supervision of the organization German Agro Action. Our former agricultural expert, Daniel Gerster, works for this organization now, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with him again in this way.
Since it takes many weeks for a container to travel around the world to North Korea and then for all the jars to be distributed to orphanages and childcare centers, we have already started preparing the next shipment, which will probably arrive in early October. In addition to baby food, this shipment will also contain sugar, cooking oil, detergent and soap, a special request from the director of the orphanage in Hamhung. In the long-term, we would also like to support these locations in improving heir own energy production. My visit at the end of October will focus on assessing the specific needs and opportunities for improvement.

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