Fruit Growers in Training


Like the year before, six North Koreans are spending the time between spring and autumn at the homes of fruit grow­ing farmers in Switzerland.
They will learn how to grow and process berries and all kind of fruits on a grand scale. Once they are back in North Korea they should then be able to transfer the newly gained knowledge to their cooperative farms. Taking care of the North Korean guests can be culturally and linguistically challengeing. But at the same time, it is usually a gain for both sides.
We are working hard to get all the nec­essary paperwork in North Korea and Switzerland done and are looking forward to their visit!

Construction Site for a Model Home


Our partners are constructing a model house according to minergie principles.
The house will be built on Duru-Island, on the outskirts of Pyongyang, just next to the already finished 2-kW-Windmill. With this house, we can show how to construct energy saving buildings with locally available resources. Especially dur­ing wintertime there is often no energy available – neither for heating nor for light or other needs. The potential for simple improvements is huge and we hope that with this model home, we can convince many to construct differently in the future.

Sustainable Building in Korea


High-rises in Pyongyang – perhaps better insulated soon?

Werner Hässig‘s company Hässig Sustech GmbH advertises with the slogan „Your Specialists for MINERGIE-Standards and Sustainable Building“. And on his special field of work, he is training North Korean experts too! Hässig recently returned from an intensive teaching time in Pyongyang. He reports:
»Everything went well. The people were very satisfied with our courses.

I learned today, that they now want to insulate 30 story-high-rises with 22 cm instead of only 5-8 cm insulation material. It seems that our work was worth the effort! Personally, I feel a bit exhausted, I did not sleep enough and had a lot of talks. The temperature differences (warm in the hotel, everywhere else rather cold) are strenuous.
I was able to visit the Duru-Island, where we plan to build the model home. The construction site is chosen well and the farmer was very interested in my consulting and the idea of a straw bale house.“


Every participant gets a diploma.
The courses of Werner Hässig were very well attended. The participants (in total 60 people) lively discussed the topics. An evaluation showed that the participants appreciated the teachings and are well aware of the challenge lying ahead: To put into practice what they have learnt. This will not be easy as some of the construction materials are difficult to obtain in the North of Korea. We look forward to the results!