Greetings from Zangzong


Hopeful offspring on the run …

One day before we had to stop our visits because of the mandated period of mourning, I was invited to visit the village of Zangzong. Years ago, this was the site of one of our cheese-making facilities. The local day-care center is designated to receive baby food for 75 children. The delivery of the baby food has been delayed somewhere in the mountains due to energy shortages, but I received a warm welcome just the same.
The brilliant sunshine could not mask the frigid temperatures. As we got out of our vehicle with feet stiff from the cold, we were happy to be able to move again. Curious children observed from afar, as news of our arrival had spread quickly. We are greeted warmly and welcomed. As soon as all the day-care workers were present, I introduced the baby food and explained how it should be prepared.
Afterward, we ate lunch in a comfortable warm room. What a treat! I just love baked sweet potatoes. The cabbage soup was also very tasty. We ate our meal together with various village leaders, two of which had also been in Switzerland on one of our internship programs and still spoke fondly of their guest families, sending special greetings back to them. Because the goats are all pregnant during the winter, there is no milk available for making cheese. In summer, however, they regularly produce yoghurt as well as cheese. Since most of the work in the fields is still done by hand instead of with tractors, as a result of fuel shortages, they intend to invest in livestock breeding in the future. The cattle and oxen are prized for their peaceful temperament and usefulness in agricultural work.

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