We miss them!


The internship for the six North Korean fruit growers came to a successful end in October. Everybody was satisfied and happy about the good time they had together. As the participants turned back to their home country, we received a thank-you letter from the Embassy of the DPRK in Switzerland, expressing their feelings about the time of training:

„In the name of the Embassy, I would like to thank you, your wife, Mister Gerster and all the other people involved for the very impressive sojourn of the fruit grower trainees from Korea. Thanks to your assistance, the Korean fruit farmers deepened their expert knowledge the last four months and made interesting experiences getting to know Switzerland and friendly Swiss farmers.“

» It is also a new experience for me that the cooperation between people and their hearts can be not only possible but that it can be so beautiful in spite of all the difficulties of lingual and cultural differences.“

This is what hosting families and trainers said: „Our experience with the participants is only positive. They are friendly, adaptable, interested and eager to learn. Apart from their secure and self-confident appearance, we appreciated their model discipline and readiness for action – in short: Where ever they went, they were so well-liked that every group chief wanted to have them in his group. Their friendly and helpful character provided them with esteem and respect. We will miss them very much!”

We are now reviewing, evaluating and planning the next steps. As this stage had to be shortened (Switzerland only provides a restricted contingent for long-term trainings to every canton and we could only get approval for a four month stay) we are thinking about organizing another training in spring. We will see …   


At a special diploma celebration, every participant receives his or her merited paper.



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