Energy efficient Building in China

We had planned a study trip for another five North Korean experts in alternative energy to China in November. But this had to be cancelled on short notice because of “unexpected procedural difficulties”.

The difficulties were not really surprising. It seems that whenever there is a trip abroad it is very difficult for the North Koreans to finally decide who exactly will be part of the delegation. And as the paper work takes a lot of time, they end up not getting all the documents requested on time. This is very frustrating and tiring for us as all the organizational work has to be done again. After getting over our anger we started connecting people and finding dates again … The focus of this study trip lies on energy efficient building and geothermal energy. We would like to bring the North Koreans in contact with technical institutions and suppliers of insulation materials. We really hope that it can take place next February! Excitement and disappointment often lie close to each other. In these moments it is good to remember our motto: We want to move hearts – and we will not give up to find ways to do this for and with the people in North Korea.

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