500 Pairs of Shoes

We just got them as a gift!


The Embassy of the DPRK in Switzerland asked for food help again – especially for baby food. As we contacted our partner GAiN (Global Aid Network, Germany) again – we found out that this time, they even had two containers! Because the glass jars would break if loaded too high, the container is not loaded to the top. This unfilled space led me to thinking. How about filling it with children’s shoes? On our last trip to the orphanages in Hamhung we were often asked whether we could provide shoes. But: Where to get them – and for free, if possible? I would need about 500 pairs … I could just try and write an e-mail to the big German shoe chain “Deichmann” (in Switzerland it is known as Dosenbach). Thought and done – I got a call from a very friendly man who never answered my question about the cost – it was obvious: Deichmann wants to give us the shoes for free!

I was away the next few days the whole thing developed on its own. I could only follow the e-mails to the point when they said: The shoes arrived today and were loaded in the container. Wonderful how fast things sometimes happen! The goods should arrive at the beginning of December in North Korea and be distributed soon after. I will travel to The Land of the Morning Calm to monitor the distribution on the 15th and am looking forward to all the encounters I will have.

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