Thank you, this is a big help!”


Wind measurement device, data recorder, batteries, adapters, technical literature – a small suitcase doubles as a treasure trove. 


The facility manager explains how wind energy is saved in batteries.

Our wind energy expert, Kaspar Mertens, collected used wind-speed measuring devices, which were given to our partners at the Alternative Energy Center. Mr. Jang studied the items carefully, unpacking each part then carefully repacking it. His body language matched his verbal response:

» Thank you so much, these measuring devices are truly very helpful!“

The many parts fit together into a wind speed measurement station that will help determine the best locations for future wind energy stations.
The drive to Samhun-Ri was especially satisfying to me after admiring the windmill in photos for such a long time. Now I had the chance to see it with my own eyes and witness a demonstration by very satisfied villagers. This new energy source makes a huge difference in their lives. Each day, large batteries are charged to provide light and power for various small household appliances.of materials.
Yoghurt continues to be produced in the facility that was sponsored and built by Agape international and is distributed and sold to local day care centers. Sometimes even cheese is produced, as often as the required bacterial cultures can be obtained. The facility manager asked us to bring along a supply of cultures that he could pay us back for on our next visit.

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