Fruit Growers in Switzerland

In cooperation with the organization German Agro Action (GAA), we offered a four-month training course for six North Korean fruit growing experts.

These experts work on North Korean collectives with large orchards and berry plantations. Daniel Gerster, former Agape international staff agricultural expert, works today for GAA and wanted to send some of „his“ peoples for a training to Switzerland. Since he is unable to supervise projects in country and provide training in Switzerland, we decided to work together on this project. The North Koreans are currently in Switzerland and being hosted by three guest families and trained by experts on their individual farms. I am very happy to be able to continue to share Swiss knowhow to six additional North Korean men and women, who have had the opportunity to experience life in Switzerland in conjunction with professional training.
In addition to their daily duties on the farms, we also organized specialized training weeks.
Werner Müller, one of the hosts and trainers reports the following: „I am happy to say that our training day was a complete success. At the fruit production company Tobi Seeobst AG, workers concentrated on packaging raspberries. The visitors got a clear view of the work processes. Afterward, my trainee shared her recently acquired knowledge in the area of the propagation of strawberry plants.
After her presentation, I gave a practical example using actual plants. Unfortunately, one of the trainees has not been well during her stay and cannot fully take part. Her health causes me great concern, so I ask you to keep her in your prayers.“ Just a couple of days later, Werner Müller was able give us some good news: „Today we took her back to the doctor, and she has recovered completely. Her blood tests were normal and she feels like her old self. She looks much better and is motivated to work again. Thank you for your concern and your prayers.“ 

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