A Deaf Child finds his Vocation

While browsing the «Korea Today Pictorial»12/20 (www.naenara.com.kp), I not only discovered an article on «our» goat farm in Pyongphungdok, but also an article on the personal development of a young boy whose dream it was to dance.The boy’s name is Ryu Jin Hyok and he is deaf. Robert Grund, who is every engaged for the... Continue Reading →

Endure the waiting Period

Have you noticed that reading the newspaper has become more monotonous lately? Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to only rarely find articles about North Korea … and when I do, the article has much in common with reading tea leaves in that there are merely interpretations of statements or events. The reason for... Continue Reading →

Well Digging

Clean drinking water from a faucet is not a given in North Korea. We have partner organisations that have dug several new wells in the last years. Together with North Korean co-workers they have provided several villages and public buildings (hospitals, orphanages, schools) with new wells of clean water. Your donations will make the drilling... Continue Reading →

Promoting Greenhouses

We also invested your donations in the following initiative: A Korean school is building a special “closed circuit” greenhouse with support and know-how from abroad. Students and teachers will be taught the principles of organic farming, as well as in the usage and construction of composting toilets. This closed circuit will save resources and prevent... Continue Reading →

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